Swedish Massage

massageSwedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the classic oil massage and consists of slow rhythmic manipulation of the muscles. The basic strokes are effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), friction (deep stroking) and tapotement (percussion). A massage oil or lotion is used that nourishes the skin and allows the hands to glide over the body. The treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Potential benefits of Swedish Massage can include:
  • Enhanced feelings of relaxation and contentment
  • Relief from pain, e.g. headaches and back pain
  • The release of endorphins, the body's feel good hormones
  • Improved blood and lymph circulation
  • Increased energy levels and feelings of vitality
  • Injury recovery
  • A general sense of health and well beings

Swedish Massage is generally considered a safe treatment for most people. However, there are contra-indications where your doctor's permission in writing may be required before treatment can commence, for example, if you suffer from high blood pressure. All sessions begin with a consultation to ensure the suitability of each treatment.

Typically, Swedish Massage lasts for approximate 1 hour and consists of having both arms and legs (to include feet and lower posterior), stomach, chest, shoulders, back, and neck massaged Please note that we will endeavor to adjust our treatments to suit your individual requirements and preferences. If for example, you object to having your feet touched or would simply like a 1 hour back massage, we will be all too pleased to modify our treatment plans and accommodate your requests.

Home/Office visits are available with prices starting at £40 per hour. Please note all home visits require the presence of another person

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